"Robin Wilt is a true progressive leader and would make an exceptional successor to the late Louise Slaughter. She is someone who will fight for low and middle-income communities, for communities of color, for the LGBTQ community, and for all those who have seen their livelihoods threatened by the Trump agenda. The Monroe County Democratic Party wants a coronation. We believe that voters deserve a real choice in the primary.

Real change happens when we elect community leaders with a record of standing up for what is right. Robin is the progressive champion that we deserve in Congress. She's committed to fighting for living wage jobs, single-payer health care, climate justice, and women's rights."



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"Robin Wilt walks the walk – she doesn’t just talk the talk.  She’s never satisfied with the status quo. Robin shares my progressive values and she knows that the usual politics of greed and power - of fear and retribution are threatening our way of life.

If we are to have a new kind of politics – we need a new kind of leader. We need Robin. 

Robin has the strong moral character, the courage and the urgency to lead the way to an equitable and sustainable future for all of us. 

I’m proud to stand with our next representative in Congress, Robin Wilt."

Mary Lupien, activist, teacher, candidate for Rochester City Council