Equitable Education for All


Education in Monroe County

Robin firmly believes that the way forward to improve the Rochester City School System is through more democracy - not less of it. Rather than greater oversight by the State, Monroe County could free itself from ‘The Big 5 Fiscally Dependent Counties’ - and become fiscally independent. This would allow for the school system to become separate from the city’s budget, and thereby increase transparency and direct community input into its priorities—which must be balanced. 

Robin realizes that our students are among our most vulnerable constituents and, while on the Brighton Town Board, she advocated for greater interaction between Town government and all five of the school districts within the 


Thurgood Marshall Plan

Robin fully supports Senator Bernie Sanders ‘Thurgood Marshall Plan’ which would triple Title One Funding upwards of 50 Billion. A needs-based aid program that would provide needed capital improvement and administrative funding to communities in need. In NYS we have 50,000 school districts eligible for this funding, with 65% of students eligible. 


Roll Back No Child Left Behind and its perverse metrics and incentives. Instead, let’s focus on Parental Engagement Funding which is supposed to enable parents to advocate for how their education dollars are spent. More democracy - not less of it!


Equitable Funding

“Money matters; without adequate resources, schools cannot educate students. The availability of resources closely correlates with opportunities and outcomes. We believe school aid distribution should be based on student and school district needs. New York currently ranks 49th in the nation on equity in education spending.” - The Alliance for Quality Education

When parents in NYC stood up and won the ABOTT lawsuit for the equitable funding of their children’s education, Robin took notice. Unfortunately, the foundational aid which was meant to ensure ‘sound meaningful education’ for students had its funding frozen during the economic downturn. While NY states funding far outpaces federal funding we need to equitably allocate our federal dollars to education, and we can do this through the proposed Marshall Plan for Title One Funding!