Climate Justice


We need to be bold, it’s okay to tax polluters. 

Robin supports Carbon Price and Investment, a means by which to direct money more thoughtfully to communities of color already bearing the brunt of polluting facilities. As the Nation magazine touted in 2016, This “price-and-invest” model, in other words, takes money from the polluters and gives it back to those they have harmed. The money is invested in clean-energy and clean-transportation projects, with three important results: improving community health, creating new green jobs for residents, and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.”

While on the Brighton Town Board, Robin’s support and advocacy help pass enabling local to implement  Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). Robin took leadership in Brighton, partnering with several municipalities to pool their purchasing power to request CCA administration, allowing them to procure power on behalf of their residents, and businesses from alternative sources - paving the way for a 100% renewable default energy product for residential and small-business utility customers in those municipalities. The partnership represents one of the largest collaborative CCA efforts in New York State outside of Westchester County, encompassing potentially over 50,000 utility customers. 

Additional measures Robin will advocate for in Congress:

  • Immediate application of carbon taxes at the source
  • Incentivize transition to 100% renewable energy by 2028
  • Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions:
  • Full funding and competent leadership for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Protecting National Parks and expanding protected wildlife habitats
  • Cleanup of water, soil, and air in communities hardest hit by pollution, funded by polluters